It was yesterday....

I have a friend
We've been together for about 20 years
There were..
A lot of things that we've shared and been through together
Sad, happiness and hard times
Although the distances once separated us, we're still contact each other
Met once in a year, at least..
I love her
I love us

She is so kejam
How dare her
To get married first before me
And next month plak tu

My Dear friend,
I think it's better..
Let's stop being friend!



You are not BUJANG anymore
(Aku gurau je, sila gelak walaupun ianya tak lawak..ehem)

Dear Taibah!!
Congratulations and we are so happy for you tau tak. Wish you happily ever after with Encik Suami. I know you will. You deserved that. Cecepat dapatkan kitorang anak sedara :P

Last but not least, thanks sudi baca post ni. 

Salam dan jumpa lagi :)


CiKGu TaiBaH said…
tq all of u~..tima kasih sgt2 atas doa kalian..seyes terharu..~

i xkejam ok...i nak bukak jalan ni utk korg pun kawin..capiq gak cakap kena sorg pecahkan ...keke
cikloceng said…
Berjaya jugak cikgu Taibah komen. Betul tu! Geng kite je yg kawen lambat..hee

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