My everyday thought


How are you guys?

It's been a while since I wrote a post here. Anhedonia? Lost of interest of blogging? I hope it just because of limited time due to work overload..hehe


I have been thinking about something. Everyday I go to the Hospital early in the morning and I checked different patients. By seeing them makes me so happy sometimes but I feel tired also at the same time. Yes, I do feel bored.

Why is that so? At some point I do feel my excitement to go to work had been decreasing from time to time. But then..

This has come to my mind;
"Why I chose medic at the first place?"

Belle'.. Let's take a deep breath and think rationally. I can't give up now. I need to be strong. This is the path that I've took and maybe I was destined to be who I am now. Let's continue the steps and look ahead. Just enjoy medic!

Yes, I can do it!


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