My current updates!

Hye ALL! I guess, my stress level has increased recently. It’s probably due to a combination of fasting month and lack of exercise. If I could, I’d go for a jog every single day. It’s the best method I have to de-stress! I haven’t gone for a jog in over a month. Actually, I had every intention of going for one last week, but then I had to stay late at the college, plus I developed a fever, stomach ache and diarrhea for the last two week (please don’t let me be sick again!), plus it’s raining heavily outside. Psst, I developed an allergic reaction too (T-T). I’m too tired to say more. Uh! But I’m hoping I will be able to jog today. Ya Allah, I need it.
Also, just in case anyone out there is curious what my schedule is for this week, here ya go:
  • Mon : Attend classes + study
  • Tues : Holiday!! Let's go for Eid's shopping.. no study!
  • Wed : Attend classes + study
  • Thurs : Attend classes + study
  • Fri: Attend classes + ready for 'BALIK KAMPUNG'..Happy Hari Raya in advance!
It was so fun. I'll be back  to MUAR early but it was also so sad, I'll be back to IPOH early (T-T)
p/s : 28/08/2010 = my 22th birthday..wish me luck in my future undertaking huh..aminnn!


adrinaqamarina said…
all da best sis!

ouh orang muo ye? selamat pulang beraya :D
syafiqa-belle said…
yup orang muo..hehe. selamat hari raye juga tuk awak~
huhu.. belle! this post mmg best. penggunaan ayat2 yg mantap dan bersahaja. mcm da berubah kpd belle yg baru. dan oh.. ni dikarang mase bile? balik eh tgh2 dikala aku ke bedside td? huahua.. ;ppp

ape2 pun all the best la!
huhu.. sorry lmbt wish~ ekekeke
syafiqa-belle said…
hehe..ala ayat tu bukan 100% aku karang..tiru ayat orang..sebab tu cam mantap..haha

thankssss :P
Anonymous said…
sori. sebab nak bagi komen tak relevan. just nak bagitau semua orang yang plagiat 10 entry blog kawan aku semua penjelasan ada kat blog tersebut.


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