My current updates.

Hye ALL! I think it's been a while since I wrote about my current updates. 

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I guess, my stress level has increased recently. It’s probably due to a combination of eating too much fatty foods and lack of exercise. If I could, I’d play volleyball everyday. It’s the best method I have to de-stress! I haven’t gone for it in over a month, or maybe a year. 

Actually, I had an intention of going for one this Saturday morning, but then I had to stay in my room. Of course it was because of I need to study for final. (My final exam is just around the corner, 28 days to go! So, can not play-play!) Plus I developed a cough, runny nose, stomach ache and diarrhea last week. Plus it’s raining heavily outside. How come I can get out from my room? 

Orite. I admitted *raised both hand up* that I just make so many excuses. So, people will think that I really want to play Volleyball but I just can't and don't have time for it. It really sounds good for me, at least. That is what we called as better had an intention than never..haha. I'm just kidding! ignore me please.

I prefer this more : Hendak seribu daya, taknak seribu dalih (^__^)Y.

Uh! But I’m hoping I will be able to play Volleyball again, later. I missed you, Volleyball! 
Also, just in case anyone out there is curious what my schedule is for this coming week (my 6th week in Medical Posting), here ya go to feed you, my lovely stalkers out there (tiru ayat Instagram Nora Danish):
  • Mon : Attend tutorial + study
  • Tues : 2nd Attempt Observe Long Case Exam for Medical Posting + Attend Lecture
  • Wed : Attend Bedside + Attend tutorial + study
  • Thurs : Attend Bedside + study
  • Fri: Attend Bedside + study + ready for weekend!
p/s : lub dup lub dup.. exam exam and exam. wish me luck ! XOXO~


Belle : SPM result will come out next week. 
I wish I'm able to spend my coming weekend with family. 


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