Lets Give a Helping Hand for Amirah

Assalamualaikum to all concerned and thoughtful readers,

The need for Amirah's treatment is as follows:

She needs this implant for the Hip Replacement which would cost her RM27,000.00 for one hip that she requires it for both of her hips (Bilateral Hip Replacement), hence the total cost for the implant alone is RM54,000.00.

  1. For those from Malaysia
        Maybank : 104068303310 ( Amirah Saryati Muhammad Amin )

     2. For those from UK, your donation can be sent to :

        Name: Athirah Farhana Muhammad Amin    
                  ( Amirah Saryati's younger sister in Sheffield, UK )

        Acc number: 08529460

        Sort-code: 77-74-35

        Reference: amirahsaryati

     3. For those from India, your donation can be send to:

      Afifah Mokhtar ( member of amirahsaryati- fund raising team )
      Standard Chartered : 769194978727

   4. others Amirah Saryati's paypal: amirah.saryati@yahoo.com

Thank you for your sincere contribution and May Allah make ease of our affairs.
[99:7] Sahih International
So whoever does an atom's weight of good will see it,
[99:8] Sahih International
And whoever does an atom's weight of evil will see it.

source : Here


alongxp said…
xde contact number ke? camne bakal2 penderma nak hubungi keluarga amirah ni ye?
syafiq said…
camna starndard chartered tuh? kalo bg bank account, sng sket bank in jek..
Anonymous said…
maybe bley tnye kt blog fund raising tu

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