Teruja sangat dengan dua pasangan ni !!

Kate Middleton and Prince William - Kate and William Take Their Shoes Off

( Prince William & Kate Middleton )
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, arrived at KL International Airport on Friday, 14th September to begin their three-day official visit.
  • Malaysia is their second destination after Singapore, enroute a nine-day tour of the Far East, as representatives of William's grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, in conjunction with the Diamond Jubilee celebration to mark her 60th year as the reigning majesty -continue reading here-

( Ally Iskandar & Farah Lee )

untuk yang ni, speechless.. sebab melting abes dah. Sepadan sangat mereka ni tau. 
Semoga berbahagia and jodoh berpanjangan buat Ally & Farah. Amin!


Prince of Noob said…
ally dan farah lee sama cantik sama padan... doen follow u dear - Noob

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