Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Don't worry, You will have it!

Good Afternoon.

Let's hear some story that happened during our bedside teaching.. again.

Syida (one of my groupmates) was presenting her case. When it came into the social history part, she said;

"Their monthly income is about RM10 000 per month."

Suddenly, a sound like 'erk' was came out spontaneously from one of our friend's mouth.

And.. Doctor S straight away replied to him with;

"Don't worry, you will have it!"

us : lol.

[ pre-raya photoshoot ]

Belle : InsyaAllah, amin. (^_^)

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KaK LimAh Si SupiR said...

hew2..doktor kt usa mungkin akn dpt rm10,000 sebulan :P