Summary for my FB's status

Sekali lagi, entry ini berkaitan status aku di FACEBOOOOOK! cek-it-out..


What is the real story?? I just wanna let YOU know that its a FACT that women more often seek for doctor compare than man. Agree right?? Is it because women has higher potency to get a severe disease than man? Is it because Man are tougher than women?? NO! Man is also a HUMAN who will and always getting sick and they absolutely need a doctor for recovery and get an available treatment. Same as women. But why man less often see the doctor? Like, my friends idea stated above...their 'EGO', less ignorance, shy and so on.. Thats why laa..Hmm so..Male or Female!! WE ARE THE SAME...Let's care and concern about our health. Thank you~

P/S : ramai ke doktor 'encem' kat hospital tu?? hmmm.....pikiaq sat no


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