My Blog Summary of Year 2011

Before that, maybe you can have a look on this [entri penutup year 2010].

so, lets start!

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This 'short' entry pictured the best moment that I ever had along year 2011
As a 2-years-old-blogger, 2011 reminded me of having a precious moment, or I can called it as a bad memory when I wrote a post entitled; 

I had received a comment from Mr anonymous (you can scroll down the post to view the comment). I admit, it does make me think of quitting blogging. But, thanks to my followers, readers and friends who encouraged me to keep on blogging. Actually I appreciate the comment & I take it as a challenge being a blogger.

"We, can not force people to like us and it is not easy to satisfy others."

-Blogging is a part of my life and I feel really good to have it as my hobby-

I wish this blog will become more productive than before. InsyaAllah, may Allah give me strength to keep on writing.. more good, funny, informative and educated posts..hehe. With that, I thank you. See you next year.

thanks for reading =)

lots of love; Belle


Alisya said…
happy new year bell! yang pasal anon tu buat tak tahu jer...keep on posting!
Nurrul said…
Happy new year :)

*Happy blogging !*
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