what is on my mind??

Study for my becoming exam


Training for my becoming Sport Carnivals

Do not think about other things ..
Stay focus Belle !

Take note this!

The Secret.

"Everything that's around you right now in your life, including the things you're complaining right now, you've attracted.
Now, i know at first blush that's gonna be something that you hate to hear. 
You are gonna immediately say, I didn't attract the car accident.
I didn't attract this particular client.
I didn't particularly attract the debt.
I didn't attract... whatever it happens to be that you're complaining about.
And i'm here to say, Yes you did attract it.
And this is one of the hardest concepts to get.
But once you have accepted it, it's life transforming."

- Dr. Joe Vitale MSC.D. (Metaphysician)


Mahfuzah said…
Yea!! Stay Focus Syanabelle.... >_<

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