My current updates!

Hye ALL! I guess, my stress level has increased recently. It’s probably due to a combination of hot temperature and increase in goal-directed activity. If I could, I’d go back to my hometown for a week. It’s the best method I have to de-stress! I haven’t met my family in over a month. 

Actually, I had every intention of going for one last week, but then I had to attend classes and went back to Ipoh earlier, plus I had to attend volley ball training and pick up the morning bus, plus I need to study in preparation for my Final Examination. Exam?? Psst, I have less than 20 weeks (T-T).

I’m too tired to say more. Uh! But I’m happy because I managed to spend my little time with my beloved family last week although it was only 3 days duration. Ya Allah, Alhamdulillah!
Also, just in case anyone out there is curious what my schedule is for this week, here ya go:
  • Mon : No class + attend training + study
  • Tues : Attend classes & training + study
  • Wed : Attend classes & training + study
  • Thurs : Attend classes & training + study
  • Fri : Attend classes & training + study
  • Sat : Training + ??
  • Sun : Training + ?? 
Alhamdulillah, finally we have a coach for our Volley Ball team! Please pray for our success in "Karnival Sukan Siswa UniKL" [KSSU] !


adrinaqamarina said…
kte pon tengah final jugak ni akak~ huuuu.

lama tak main volley ball!
Mahfuzah said…
Study life is cool & interesting!! after graduate, no more like that... huhuu... so, enjoy!!!!!!....

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