How to confirm that you are left handed / right handed?


Today, I would like to share something with you guys.

Are you left handed or right handed? Oh don't tell me yet. Let's do aa eye test first!

Look at the picture below very carefully.

Place your middle index finger on the 'part' that you should not see. Euww. Well, please ya. Behave like you are still a kid..hehe. Yes, I really mean the 'kissing part' =P

Then, close one eye, either your left or right eye.

Which one gives you a better & clearer 'kissing part'? Close right or left eye?

  1. If close right eye, then you are RIGHT Handed
  2. If close left eye, then you are LEFT Handed.

That's it! Interesting right??

Left Handed or Right Handed?? }

Good Luck! =)


Alisya said…
kalau dua-dua clear caner?
syanabel said…
erk tak pasti plak pasal tu. Mungkin org tu boleh guna 2dua tangan kot. Takpe, nanti ku try tanya pada Dr.
Jo Qusary said…
Err... I'm right-handed, but why is it that I see the left side clearer?
syanabel said…
@ jo : what i mean clearer was.. your index finger move aside so that you can see the kissing part. Not clear mean, you can't see the kissing part at all because the index finger closed the kissing part. =)
Anonymous said…
Nice entry!!!
Kami sudah selesai follow blog anda. Follow blog kami semual eh. :)

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