Left Handed or Right Handed?

Today! My friend and I went to speak with a very nice and calm Indian male Doctor at psychiatric clinic. Our main purpose is to observe how he interview patient. Unfortunately, he just finish interviewing his patient who got anxiety disorder. After quite a long conversation between three of us, we suddenly came into a topic entitled 'left handed people'. It was because he saw my friend wrote down notes with her left hand. 

So, he suddenly asked her, "During your childhood, did your parents ever tell you not to write using your left hand?". She answered no. Then, he asked again, "Why?" She said majority of her family are left handed. She also said that they are good in mathematics. 

"Oh, so why you are here?" Dr asked. "......." no answer!

Then, the Doctor adviced us, if we had left handed children, don't force he/she to change into right hand. This is genetic. If we use left hand, right side of brain is more active. If we use right hand, the left side of brain is more active. If we suddenly changed it, it may caused problems. we never know right?? So pay attention people! hehe

What is your opinion? is become a left handed person a big issue on you?

I used to hear that, mostly left handed people is genius! Oh no. Cannot pakai tau that theory. If it is so damn true, it means right handed people is stupid? me stupid? you also stupid? oh no no no.. haha (joking only)

Peace be upon you people. Good Nite!


Lily Kamarudin said…
im a left handed n today i wrote about left handed :)
rjn dtg la blog http://lilykamarudin.blogspot.com/
logorithm said…
I'm left-handed and I'm proud of it. Four out of us seven siblings are left-handed. We inherited it from my mom. :-)
I also left-handed, but i belum ada child lagi,..=P
Sharkyra Kid said…
that dr is dr p kan??? ;p

haha. aku pn left handed! ko perasan tak? ;p tp.. family aku balanced kot. aku ngn dua org adik aku je left handed, yg lain right handed. parents aku right handed la.. ;p
syanabel said…
haiyya, sori. baru nak reply komen korang..hehe

@lily: yeah. dah singgah =)

@logarithm : its true la left-handed can be inherited?? wahhh..hehe

@dayat : iye? baru tahu..hehe. Nanti ada anak nanti, ingat pesan aku kat atas tu..hehe

@kid : yes. Dr P..hehe. Aku kagum d bila ko cerita pasal Dato Bala bole teka ko left handed camtu je, so aku buat post baru hari ni. pasal eye test.. =)

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