DO THIS .. OR ..

whenever you are not feeling well 
either about your mood or life 

do this 

  1. Talk to a supportive person
  2. get a full 8hours of sleep
  3. cut back on your activities
  4. attend a support group
  5. call your doctor or therapist
  6. do something fun or creative
  7. take time for yourself to relax and unwind
  8. write in your journal
  9. exercise
  10. ask for extra help from loved ones
  11. cut back on sugar, alcohol and caffeine
  12. increase your exposure to light
  13. increase/decrease the stimulation in your environment

you will end up at mental institution!

  • it is necessary to limit your contact with people who drain your emotional energy/leave your feeling discouraged, ashamed or guilty
  • please! spend time with people who truly value you and make you feel better

live your life!


Live my life! Tq :)

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