Jenis-jenis keganasan terhadap perempuan


Violence against women can be classified as physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, isolation, and threats:

Physical Abuse

  • pushing or shoving a woman
  • holding or keeping her from leaving
  • slapping or biting her
  • kicking, choking, hitting, or punching her
  • refusing to help a woman when she is sick, injured, or pregnant
  • threatening or hurting her with a weapon

Sexual Abuse

  • forcing a woman to strip when she does not want to
  • having affairs with others after agreeing to a monogamous relationship
  • forcing a woman to have unwanted sex with others or forcing her to watch others having sex
  • forcing sex after a beating
  • forcing sex when she is sick or when it endangers her health
  • forcing sex for the purpose of hurting her with objects or weapons

Emotional Abuse

  • ignoring a woman’s feelings
  • continually criticising her, calling her names, shouting at her
  • humiliating her in public or privately
  • refusing to socialise with her
  • keeping her from working, controlling her money, making all decisions
  • manipulating her with lies and contradictions
  • threatening to kidnap the child(ren) if she leaves
  • harassing her about affairs the abuser imagines she is having


  • stopping a woman from going to visit her relatives and friends
  • confining her to the house
  • stopping her from socialising with others


  • threatening to kill a woman
  • threatening to take her child(ren) away
  • threatening her that he will commit suicide


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