House's Quotes

  • "See that? They all assume I’m a patient because of this cane." 
    •   So put on a white coat like the rest of us
  •  "I don’t want them to think I’m a doctor and people don’t want a sick doctor."
    • Fair enough. I don’t like healthy patients.
  • "I hope I was dying."
    • So you hide in your office, refuse to see patients because you don’t like the way people look at you.
  • "Well, you’re smiling so I take it that means this isn’t serious."
  • "Gorgeous women do not go to medical school."
  • "No, treating illnesses is why we became doctors, treating patients is what makes most doctors miserable (unhappy)."
  • "Truth begins in lies. Think about it."
  • "Pain killer, for your leg." said one of his patient.
    • "No because they are yummy. You want one?" House answered.
  • "What’s the point of putting together a team if you’re not going to use them??" said House's best friend
  • As Dr. House likes to say, “Everybody lies” - sangat setuju!!
  • "There’s got to be something we can do, something better than watching her die."
    •  selalunya, pesakit House gerenti hidup punya lah walaupun dah nazak..hoho
  • People choose the paths that grant them the greatest rewards for the least amount of effort. That’s the law of nature. - true!!
  • The son of a bitch is the best doctor we have. - Son of bitch = House
  • "He cured you, you didn’t cure him" - House always in pain. His life depends on the pain killer that he has taken.
  • You lied to a friend to save a stranger; you don’t think that’s screwed up?
  • I found that when you want to know the truth about someone, that someone is probably the last person you should ask! - memang tabiat House camtu, nak buat camne?
  • "Damned if u do, damned if u don’t" said his team member.. pity them.


DAUD said…
nasib aku xda kawan baik cam house,
leh gile dibuatnya
suhaida shukor said…
So you are a HO? or student?
SyafiqaNabila said…
still a student.. what about you? pharmacist already?

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