A cool 'thing' to do

Hey, I found something cool yesterday
and I would like to share it with all my beloved readers

 You guys sure really need to try this out!

Nah gambar ..

click for 'tumbesaran'

"camne nak wat cenggitu ???!"

Step 1: Upload your desired picture and let PicCut generate the correct images.

Step 2: Download the generated ZIP file of your images, or manually save them.

Step 3: First, set the image named "profile-pic.jpg" as your Facebook profile picture.

Step 4: Create a new photo album, then upload the other images in the order of their filenames.

Step 5: Tag yourself in all 5 photos, starting with "image5.jpg" and ending with "image1.jpg."

Step 6: Hide any tagged photos you do not wish to display on your profile. That's it!

Feel free to visit this web for more info ..

belle' : it seems easy to do but it's not actually .. just believe me .. 



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