Sinopsis Anjaana Anjaani

Slot Bollywood bersiaran kembali!

Dek kerana ngah minat giler kat Ranbir Kapoor.. 
maka semestinya cerita beliau lah yang aku tengok..

Cerita berjudul Anjaana Anjaani
 (kalau tak silap, maksud dia = Stranger Lelaki & Stranger Perempuan )

Sape lom kenal Ranbir Kapoor sila view SINI tau .. hehe


Back to our main title, here the synopsis of Anjaana Anjaani ;

Anjaana Anjaani film is a romantic comedy in which Priyanka plays a character Kiara, based in San Francisco and Ranbir’s role as a New York City boy, Aakash. Ranbir Kapoor likes to stay alone and inaccessible to all, and sometimes even with themselves. They meet in New York City as strangers and fell in like with each other and not realize it. They travel across cities, their bicoastal road trip filled with lots of experiences and there is a twist on their journey.
After several unsuccessful attempts, both trying to find happiness in life to achieve success in their careers and in like. They were both tired of life, so they both choose to try suicide by jumping off a bridge. On the bridge, stopping Ranbir Priyanka from the jump and tell her to go with him to Las Vegas to make it huge. Conclusion of Anjana Anjani movie is that two strangers had come from different parts of the country, and eventually they learn that they like each other.

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My point of view ?? This is a wonderful story to watch. There's a lot of moral values and a bit touching lorh. All the songs are very nice to hear! Coincidentally, currently, I just learned about psychiatrist, and heard stories about patients who commit suicide before, including story from my Housemates. In this film, they told us about two people who try suicide at first and they end up with not thinking about suicide anymore. Instead, they decide to live together. Sooo sweet! How is it occur? You must watch yourself. Hey. You must watch it. But there is one thing I just don't understand!! A long time ago, I can say there is no kissing scene in Bollywood film at all but now.. why is it like a must?? arghh.. publisiti murahan betul la .. what eva (#__#)Y . The most important thing, please live your life until the day you die.. wee (^__^)

Feel free to Download the songs here;
  1. Tujhe Bhula Diya
  2. Anjaana Anjaani
  3. I Feel Good

Belle' : apepun.. SRK is the best! cepat cakap dia cute.. kalo tak xnak kawan :P


Sharkyra Kid said…
SRK semestinya la cute!!!

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